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Serious business.

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JOURNAL. Welcome to my LJ. I mostly use this journal for fandom-related things, but still feel free to friend me if you know me from school or elsewhere; I occasionally post non-fandom things you might find interesting.

I'm a bad commenter (mainly because I tend to put way too much thought into my comments, so by the time I'm actually ready to post them, it's kind of too late), but I try to read all the posts on my f-list.

Whoever you are, don't be shy about friending me! I will always welcome new additions to the f-list, though I would like it if you drop a comment letting me know you want me to friend you.

ACTIVE FANDOMS & FAVORITES. Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Beatrice, Lambdadelta, Beatrice/Battler, Lambdadelta/Bernkastel, Erika/Dlanor, Will/Lion. Amatsuki: Toki, Ginshu, Toki/Tsuyukusa, Toki/Kuchiha, Ginshu/Bonten. Bokurano: Machi, Dung Beetle, Ushiro/Machi. Narutaru: Norio, Tsurumaru/Norio, Shiina/Akira, Bungo/Satomi. Toradora!: Minori, Ami, Minori/Ami. Doctor Who: Donna. Hayate the Combat Butler: Athena, Ayumu, Hinagiku/Ayumu. Final Fantasy X: Tidus.

I have many more favorites for the series listed and many, many more fandoms to list, but that would make the list way too long to put here. These are the ones I focus on most at the moment.

For a longer list of my fandoms and favorites, check my fandom info post.

GINSHU A m a t s u k i

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